Meet Andrew.

Authentic advisor.

Hello. I am a performance consultant who works with leaders to address the challenges of human performance. Applying insights from more than 25 years of experience, I love delivering compelling events, programs and workshops that help ambitious leaders get hard things done.

Andrew Horsfield - What I do


What I do.

Clients engage me as a strategic partner to help them build a better future. Most of the time, this means packaging my expertise into inspiring and educational experiences that serve senior leaders, school Principles, HR professionals and elite level coaches.

Over the past thirteen years my consulting services have helped ignite organisational change, transform disengaged teams, fast track future leaders; and assist elite sports teams secure Premiership success.

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Andrew Horsfield - Books I've Written

Books I’ve written.

These books are free of the usual fluff and fist pumping rah-rah. Perfect for your next team building event or conference, if you want to offer people sound insights with just a sprinkling of advice.

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Make work work

Learning that sticks.

External programs often make people smarter - but not any better. I follow five principles to make sure new skills get put to work.

Carefully craft experiences

All too often people dread training. They think about the work piling up while they are stuck in a program that moves a little too slow and is disconnected from their current reality. My programs are engaging, informative and highly interactive which pass the ultimate test: people rarely check their devices during the day.

Serve a bigger picture

The work we do needs to be part of a bigger plan to have any real impact. A change plan, business initiative, team intervention or leadership upgrade. Far too often consultants roll out a pre-fabricated program. I work relationally, not transitionally, and strive to be a strategic partner that builds a better future.

Don’t fight busyness

We are in a world where busy is the new normal. We are constantly overconnected, overcommitted and overwhelmed. So this is our starting point. The tools and techniques we provide have been designed to integrate and improve the way people work everyday. This means, they can invest less effort but have more impact.

Build behaviour change

We want people to change the way they work. For that to happen you have to move beyond vague intentions or loose commitments that people don’t find compelling. Every program I deliver includes a powerful process for people to build a series of new habits that help them start, and stick with, newly acquired skills.

Fight the forgetting curve

Even the best run programs have to fight the forgetting curve. The fact that people forget a lot of what they learn as soon as they walk out of the room. Along with elegant resources that we guarantee won’t be filed and forgotten, participants receive a comprehensive 90-day post program support to encourage progress.


What clients value.


We brought in Andrew to audit the performance of our business and haven’t quite been able to let him go since. Challenging, thought-provoking and inspiring, he gave us a greater understanding about performance, and provided us with the skills to excel. He is an invaluable asset for any business that has a specific result to achieve.

Sal Pizzini, Hospitality Manager

Pizzini Wines


We engaged Andrew to deliver a presentation to our premier cricket coaches on managing Definable Moments in cricket. The feedback from his presentation was outstanding and taking the opportunity to engage and extend your learning in this space is one I would highly recommend.

Bryan Harper, Coaching Specialist

Talent Cricket Australia


Our coaches arrived hoping to learn the secrets to becoming a better coach, however they left with the insights and tools to enhance, not just their coaching, but also their professional and personal lives. Stacked with practical insights and ideas, Andrew’s compelling presentation gave coaches so much, but more importantly left them wanting so much more.

Ryan Davey, General Manager

AFL Europe