Episode #14

Shane McCurry - Culture and Leadership Consultant

Shane McCurry is one of Australia’s most trusted Culture, Leadership and Performance consultants. He has worked with a number of AFL Head Coaches, including current Head Coach of Richmond Football Club, Damien Hardwick.

Episode 14 - Shane McCurry

Ever since I read the book Yellow and Black by Konrad Marshall, I wanted to sit down and have a conversation with this month’s guest, Shane McCurry. Shane is a sort after consultant in the areas of culture, leadership and performance, and was part of the leadership team that helped Richmond Football Club evolve into the strong and successful club we know today.

Our conversation was deep and didn’t disappoint, as the reasons he has a strong reputation for building strong people and cultures became self-evident. This conversation is wide ranging with applications well beyond the boundaries of sport and will resonate if you are looking to have greater influence and impact in your personal and professional life.

Please enjoy the powerful, insightful and accessible wisdom that Shane McCurry offers throughout this entire conversation.