Episode #23

Susan Alberti - Businesswoman and philanthropist

Susan Alberti is widely regarded as the Patron Saint of the Western Bulldog’s Football Club and catalyst for creating the national AFLW competition, but she is more than a footballing identity. A strong businesswoman and philanthropist, Susan’s influence extends well beyond the boundaries of sport.

Episode 23 - Susan Alberti

Susan is a powerful woman who has achieved a significant level of success in her life. Widely known for her passion and service to the Western Bulldog’s Football Club, and for being the catalyst for the formation of the AFLW competition, Susan has also worked tirelessly as a philanthropist, fundraiser and advocate, raising tens of millions of dollars to cure the disease that tragically took her daughter’s life.

In this conversation, we talk about the origins of her success, how to develop a reputation for results; and the lessons she’s learned in striving to make a positive contribution to the many organisations where she has given her time and talent.

I hope you enjoy this conversation with one of Australia’s pre-eminent businesswomen and philanthropists, Susan Alberti.