Less talkfest. More tangible results.

Results not rah-rah.

All too often people dread time away as a team. They think about the work piling up while they are stuck in an offsite that moves a little too slowly, and is disconnected from their current reality. The work I do with teams is highly engaging, informative and interactive which means people participate, rather than check their devices during the day.

Andrew Horsfield - Reduce the friction

Three hour workshops

Reduce the friction.

Divergent perspectives and disagreements are all signs of life in a highly effective team. Yet too much conflict can get you in trouble. If you need to iron out some issues, these bite-sized modules are ideal for curing the common friction points that distract people and derail progress.

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Andrew Horsfield - Offsites with impact

1.5 day workshop

Offsites with impact.

The work we do together needs to be part of a bigger plan to have any real impact. A change plan, business initiative, corporate restructure or leadership upgrade. Whether you need to refine your vision, activate your talent or optimise your outputs, I can help. Just let me know what you need.

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Andrew Horsfield - Transform your team

3 month immersion

Transform your team.

Whether you’re announcing a bold new vision or building momentum for an existing one, you need to rally your team to realise your dream. We will find out what makes your team tick, and how they best work, so results get realised. Then, we’ll design and deploy strategies that get the team excited and committed for the journey.

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Curate team culture.

What three elements are consistently present in every high performing? This eBook will tell you.

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3 key benefits.

Here are three ways this program pushes boundaries, delivers impact and produces results.

Motivate not mandate

Motivating people to do work that is meaningful is much more beneficial than mandating a set of prescribed behaviours that everyone must sign up to.

Empower the future

We spend less time talking about deficiencies so we can dedicate time empowering people to step up and lead the culture they want to create.

Difficult gets done

Openly enabling dissention ensures difficult conversations that can derail progress move from the corridors and cafes, into the centre of the conversation.

Light touch or the full treatment

Range of services.

High performing teams continually evolve to sustain their success. Whether you are starting from scratch or lead a seasoned team, we will work to refine how you work to optimise the output of your team. Just get in touch and let me know what you are looking for. It starts with a conversation.

Andrew Horsfield - Range of services


What clients value.

Best offsite ever

We brought Andrew in to facilitate a HR team off-site (a tough audience). Andrew understood what we needed to achieve and brought his great expertise, flexibility in approach, and a tough but fair style to deliver more than we even hoped for. The feedback from the team was 10/10 and “best off-site ever”.

Melissa Hendry, Communications Manager

REA Group


Working with Andrew is an amazing experience. He took a disengaged, and somewhat disenfranchised team, and over the course of a few days built a cohesive group of people committed to a common cause. And it never felt like hard work because of his calm and considered approach. Awesome!

Vanessa Bishop, Marketing Manager

AIA Insurance

Brilliant job

We knew better was possible and wanted to engage a consultant that could challenge our Sydney leadership team. Taking the time to connect people’s ideas, concerns and broad perspectives, Andrew did a brilliant job to help us create a future focused strategy that we could all stand behind.

Tim De Young, Director

GTA Consultants