The Knowledge Lab

Find your edge.

Engaging other inquisitive people who can stretch your thinking and challenge your perspective is critical for personal and professional success. The Knowledge Lab is a unique virtual experience that has been designed to give astute leaders like you, the time and space to find your edge.

Designed for progress.

Unlock your genius.

Provoke thinking and positive action.

The Knowledge Lab brings together a diverse group of collaborators who are keen to advance. Successful people that come together to share their perspective on leadership, life and business.

Each person brings a wealth of experience, ensuring conversations are insightful and useful, to provoke new thinking and promote positive action.


precious time and space for personal reflection and recalibration.


insights and ideas with people outside your network & industry.


from curated content designed to accelerate your success.


with greater levels of insight and energy to make an impact.

The core principle.

We take the world’s best-selling business books and give you the critical points in 15 minutes or less. You then receive specific tools to activate a core competency from the book. You will also track progress and measure your improvement along the way.

And each book we will cover in this initial six month program, has been specifically chosen to help forward thinking leaders deliver results in a demanding context.

Check it all out.

Designed for people who love progress and are eager to develop, network and grow. Find out how we blend content and curiosity to unlock new ways of thinking and working.

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Participant driven.

The Knowledge Lab is a participant driven ideas exchange. A unique development experience where you engage with other collaborators, agitators and change makers. A place where ideas meet influence and unlike minds meet to make better happen.


We take the world’s best-selling business books and provide a video summary of the key points in 15 minutes or less.


You will then formulate an action plan to address an existing issue or opportunity so you apply and embed the new skills you have learned.


Real time coaching on your action plan from a cohort of committed leaders will provoke new thinking and promote positive action.


Monitoring and measuring progress will enable you to track your development against key competencies we cover in each book.

Learning that sticks.

The Knowledge Lab has cracked the learning code. Our process encourages people to connect learning to positive behaviour change and business results.

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Learn faster. Go further.

The Knowledge Lab delivers short sharp sessions in a visual format so you stress less, retain more information and increase the likelihood of learning.


Designed for progress.

Don’t come if you’re just looking to network or learn. Come because you want to advance your leadership and life. Each event will help you find a sense of purpose and passion as you become a more curious, capable and confident leader.