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Being a leader gives you an opportunity to shape the future and elevate your reputation. It also means navigating constant uncertainty, challenge and change. I am a performance consultant with a singular focus: to share a unique suite of skills that help you amplify your impact, as you advance your career, company and life.


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Staying stationary in a world of rapid change is a dangerous posture for success. And yet, keeping things predictable and protecting the status quo often makes people feel safe and secure. It’s a common leadership conundrum.

How to motivate people to step into meaningful work. If success is a serious aspiration you need to be able to advance people and performance. And this is where I can help.

Take a moment to explore the range of services that help motivated leaders create more for the future.

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Andrew Horsfield - The anatomy of success

Alignment drives achievement

The anatomy of success.

Success is so hard to achieve because the elements that drive performance are under constant duress.

If any of the elements are out of alignment you will also experience a lack of achievement. The level of success you are able to achieve is a direct result of how you perform under pressure.

Most leaders deal with these elements in isolation, but they need synchronisation if success is a serious aspiration.

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Leaders are learners.

Browse these resources to discover a range of clever tools, tips and techniques that will accelerate your success.

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Andrew Horsfield - Leaders are learners

Fans and feedback

What clients value.


Andrew has a passion and unique capacity to inspire people to be a catalyst for change. He has an incredible ability to fracture fixed thinking and facilitate the difficult conversations that ensure the right issues receive focus. He’s the kind of consultant that should come with a danger sign around his neck.

Jackie Allen, HR Director



Andrew’s work on advancing performance at a personal and organisational level is fabulous. His portfolio of clients reflects his authentic approach and track record for delivering results. If you need to overcome obstacles that prevent you performing at your peak, I would highly recommend his work.

Matt Church, Founder

Thought Leaders Global


Andrew brings a natural enthusiasm to his work along with wide range of skill and experience that make him a powerful builder of leadership capability. His experience across business and professional sport, along with a desire to advance people and performance, set the standard for others in the field.

David Nicolson, Director

The Change Partnership