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Elevate your reputation.

As a thought leader, senior executive or HR business professional, you are passionate about advancing people and performance. Sharing your vision, empowering talent and leading change keeps your company on the cutting edge. Explore the compelling suite of programs below that have been designed to help leaders like you, get things done.

Andrew Horsfield - Enhance your toolkit

Virtual learning

Enhance your toolkit.

Whether you want to have greater personal impact, build a collation for change or take on a complex challenge, you need to align people, progress and performance. It’s a delicate balance. One you will find easier to achieve if you apply the practical tools in this virtual learning program.

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Andrew Horsfield - Everyday elite

2 day intensive

Everyday elite.

Life is complex, challenging and constantly changing in the modern world of work. To succeed, you need leaders who can find a way – not lose their way – when things get tough. This program is perfect for leaders looking to capitalise on opportunities and pursue success without the usual stress, crisis and collateral damage.

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Andrew Horsfield - Realise results.

Six month immersion

Realise results.

The best leaders know how to move people from vision to action. Then comes the tricky part – maintaining the momentum as people confront inevitable set back and struggle. We will design specific and effective strategies that not only transform the way people work – but increase their productivity, wellbeing and engagement as results get realised.

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Andrew Horsfield - Elite level coaches

2 day workshop

Elite level coaches.

Ensuring players perform to their potential has always been a priority for coaches with a bias for exceptional performance. This program will ensure you are well equipped to achieve your coaching goals as you learn specific tools and techniques that ensure your players perform in the moments that matter.

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Do you have who it takes?

Results are hard to achieve, and even harder to lead, if you don’t have the right people. Find out who you need.

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3 key benefits.

Here are three ways this program pushes boundaries, delivers impact and produces results.

Practical skills you can use

We know you are time poor and task fatigued. The practical resources in this program can be used straight away so you can make an immediate impact.

Multiple learning channels

You will gain access to exclusive online learning modules that stream across all your devices so you can learn on the couch, or on the move.

The guru next door

Too much expertise kills contribution. So we work with the collective wisdom in the room to share insights, ideas and extend possibilities.

High performance leadership

Build your skills.

Study high performing leaders and you will find a suite of assets they deploy to sustain their success. Assets you must also acquire to build the capability and courage to take on your toughest challenges. I specialise in working with forward thinking leaders who want to create more for their future. If you need to advance people and performance, simply get in touch.

Andrew Horsfield - Build your skills


What clients value.


Andrew is gifted at helping people achieve high performance. Identifying the moments that matter where we must make difficult decisions, take some risk and commit to a course of action that moves things forward. He ensures our leaders are equipped with the tools to succeed in a modern day workforce.

Dr. Susan Inglis, Professor of Management

La Trobe Business School


Andrew is an exceptional thinker with a passion and purpose for life. His excitement and enthusiasm for possibilities are infectious. His work in building the leadership capability of our Principals has been outstanding. I would highly recommend him as a consultant who consistently delivers.

Magdalene St. Clare, General Manager

Queensland Association of School Principals


Andrew facilitated a performance session for my team, and six months later, we are still referring to his insights and action plans. His work has made a marked difference to how I coach my team and structure my thinking. Andrew delivers truly lasting results that make a marked difference in team performance.

Candy Davey, VP Sales Development