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Doing work that matters always has a hard part. A point when our aspirations for achievement get challenged, and we either find a way or lose our way. The Messy Middle is a podcast designed for leaders who need to deliver results in a demanding context. Subscribe below and receive insights and ideas about how to amplify your impact within your life, organisation and community.

Episode #53

Sam Spurlin – The future of work

When you think of your organisation and how it operates – is it more like the Titanic or a speedboat? Is it hindered by friction, slow systems, and bureaucracy? Or is it full of flourishing people and projects that are connected and empowered to realise their full potential?

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Episode #52

Bonnie Wan – The Life Brief

Are you waking up and walking through life wishing it was better? Do you have a deep desire lying dormant that you wish you could reignite? Maybe you doubt the path you are on, or feel like things are fine, but you’d prefer to be starting your day feeling fired…

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Episode #51

Marc Sophoulis – Personal growth

Marc is a professional coach that plies his trade at the elite levels of both tennis and AFL football. Apart from being a coach, he has spent the past decade mentoring and training coaches in the art of athlete development and has deep practical experience in developing and working in…

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Episode #50

Malissa Clarke – Never Not Working

Are you feeling constantly under pressure and overwhelmed? Are you taking work home with you or finding it hard to switch off? If so, this conversation with Malissa Clarke is really going to resonate with you.

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