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Doing work that matters always has a hard part. A point when our aspirations for achievement get challenged, and we either find a way or lose our way. The Messy Middle is a podcast designed for leaders who need to deliver results in a demanding context. Subscribe below and receive insights and ideas about how to amplify your impact within your life, organisation and community.

Episode #50

Malissa Clarke – Never Not Working

Are you feeling constantly under pressure and overwhelmed? Are you taking work home with you or finding it hard to switch off? If so, this conversation with Malissa Clarke is really going to resonate with you.

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Episode #49

Cody Royle - Leadership

If you are a leader in charge of a team, a coach striving to be successful, or a parent committed to raising reasonable kids, this conversation with Cody Royle is going to resonate with you.

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Episode #48

Cameron Schwab – Leadership strategist

This month, I sat down with Cameron Schwab for a deep and intimate conversation about the true essence of leadership – and how we can all be better leaders in the various roles we play in our lives.

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Episode #47

Manu Kapur – Productive Failure

My guest on this episode is Manu Kapur. Manu holds the Professorship for Learning Sciences and Higher Education and directs The Future Learning Initiative at ETH Zurich. Manu conceptualized and developed the theory of Productive Failure. How, rather than avoiding failure, we can purposefully design for it to facilitate better…

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