Deliver results in a demanding context

Doing work that matters always has a hard part. A point when our aspirations for achievement get challenged, and we either find a way or lose our way. The Messy Middle is a podcast designed for leaders who need to deliver results in a demanding context. Subscribe below and receive insights and ideas about how to amplify your impact within your life, organisation and community.

Episode #13

Layne Beachley - 7 x World Champion

Layne Beachley is best known for her feats in the water. Being the only surfer to claim six consecutive world titles, she has the rightful reputation for being regarded as the most successful female surfer in history. But that success didn’t come without hurdles, set backs and struggle.

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Episode #12

Steve Biddulph - Parent Educator

Being a parent can often feel like you are in perpetual a messy middle. This thought provoking conversation reflects thirty years of practical experience Steve has gathered in working to make the planet a better place for families, parents and children.

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Episode #11

Shaun Seymour – Everyday Athletes

Shaun Seymour is the owner of Everyday Athletes. A motivating training studio in Melbourne helping people build healthy happy bodies. With the New Year just ticking over this conversation is timely for anyone who wants to find a fitter version of themselves in 2020.

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Episode #10

Dan Churchill - Chef

Young, talented and infectiously energetic, Dan Churchill is one of the world’s most exciting chefs. In this episode we talk about how Dan has built a business with impact, the keys to forming a functional team and bridging the gap between wanting to and willing to. Please enjoy this…

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