Deliver results in a demanding context

Doing work that matters always has a hard part. A point when our aspirations for achievement get challenged, and we either find a way or lose our way. The Messy Middle is a podcast designed for leaders who need to deliver results in a demanding context. Subscribe below and receive insights and ideas about how to amplify your impact within your life, organisation and community.

Episode #23

Susan Alberti - Businesswoman and philanthropist

Susan Alberti is widely regarded as the Patron Saint of the Western Bulldog’s Football Club and catalyst for creating the national AFLW competition, but she is more than a footballing identity. A strong businesswoman and philanthropist, Susan’s influence extends well beyond the boundaries of sport.

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Episode #22

Hannah Huesman - Mental skills coach

My guest this month is Hannah Huesman – the mental skills coach for Major League baseball club, the Philadelphia Phillies. Hannah was recently voted #2 in LinkedIn’s Top Voices in Sport for 2020, thanks primarily due to her #mentalsweatmonday broadcasts. A one-minute video she posts on social media to inspire…

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Episode #21

Shane Fitzsimmons - Commissioner of Resilience NSW

Shane Fitzsimmons was the Commissioner of the NSW Rural Fire Service during the unprecedented fire season in late 2019 and early 2020. Talking about his leadership philosophy, experience and approach to conquer the crisis was an incredible privilege.

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Episode #20

Jane Martino - Leader and entrepreneur

Jane Martino has built a significant portfolio of wisdom that she shares in this conversation. We talk about how she makes decisions, the common failure point for most business ideas, what she has noticed about companies who do culture well, as well as how she manages her time, energy and…

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