Move your
mental furniture.

Find your edge.

Disruption rarely originates from the mind of the disrupted. Engaging other interesting people, who can stretch your thinking and challenge your perspective is essential for personal and professional success. This event series has been designed to give astute leaders like you, the time and space to find your edge.

Designed for progress.

Unlock your awesome.

Provoke thinking and positive action.

These events bring together a diverse group of interesting collaborators from business, sport and social enterprise. Successful people that come together to share their perspective on leadership, life, business and the future. Each person brings a wealth of experience, ensuring conversations are insightful and useful to provoke new thinking and promote positive action.

Highly engaging and interactive, you will learn practical tools and techniques to upskill your leadership and unlock your awesomeness.


Precious time and space for personal reflection and recalibration.


Insights and ideas with people outside your network & industry.


From curated content designed to accelerate your success.


With greater levels of insight and energy to make an impact.

March Event 2021

Prime your platform.

Do you wake up and say: “Good morning God!” or “God, it’s morning!?” Maintaining your focus on what really matters reduces mental drag and improves your ability to get things done. Imagine what you could achieve if you took some time to think a little bigger, find a larger purpose and give your life and work a little more focus.

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April Event 2021

Optimise output.

Constant busyness breeds burnout. The emotional exhaustion that comes from the misconception that working long hours means you care more, do more or achieve more. Leaders who make an impact make time for rest, reflection and recalibration. You’ll leave this event with nine practical ideas to optimise your output.

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May Event 2021

Escape routes.

When you find yourself in a sticky situation are you able to see the escape routes? And just how many are open to you? When you fully appreciate your problems you are more likely to develop effective strategies to solve them, for good. Learn what is stopping you and how to get past it from Jason Clarke, Director at Minds at Work.

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Check it all out.

Designed for people who love progress and are eager to develop, network and grow. Find out how we blend curiosity and capability to unlock new ways of thinking and working.

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3 key benefits.

When it comes to engaging people, changing behaviour and achieving results, research shows bite size is definitely the right size.

Maximise benefits

Each event trims the fat from traditional programs to focus on meaningful content that matters most. You will gain practical strategies that make an impact and move you forward, so you can fast-track results and foster a culture of high performance.

Limit disruption

Taking people off site for days at a time comes at a cost. Shorter sharper sessions are a lot more productive. You retain more information, and worry less about the work piling up, which limits distractions and increases the likelihood of learning.

Learning transfer

If you want to get fit, being motivated to be stronger, leaner and fitter isn’t enough. You also have to do the work. Each event you attend includes implementation tools and tactics so you break a sweat and put new learning to work. Minus the Lycra.

Elevate you impact

Content you can’t Google.

This event series weaves together a variety of learning experiences to engage new thinking, inspire action and elevate your personal impact. A professional development experience where you can engage with other agitators, collaborators and change makers. A space where ideas meet influence - and where unlike minds meet to make better happen.


From everyday go-getters to global influencers, learn from leaders getting the job done.


Practical workshops are the best way to pick up a skill  or two to fuel your success.


Sometimes the best way to learn Is through challenge,  insights & new perspective.


Get a front row seat as titans collide in a conversation. Be there to hear it first-hand.


Designed for progress.

Don’t come if you’re just looking to network or learn. Come because you want to advance your leadership and life. Each event will help you find a sense of purpose and passion as you become a more capable, comfortable and dynamic leader.

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